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Tax Planning | January 20
11 tax saving options other than section 80c limit

It is that time of the year where the focus shifts on taxes, and understanding how to get the maximum possible tax cuts becomes crucial. Well, preparation of your tax savings is an activity that must not be left for the "nth" moment. As a matter of fact, tax savings should be planned well in advance to get maximum benefits. Many a times, ignorance on the basics, or lack of time, or even simply being lethargic can lead to complete chaos that is....

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Tax Planning | December 11
7 most popular tax saving options to explore

In India, almost everyone would be aware of "Section 80C" of the Income Tax Act, 1961. It offers the maximum deduction to the citizens of the country. For the present financial year FY 2018-19, the maximum deduction that a person can claim under section 80C is about Rs.1.5 lakhs. There are many investment options that one can opt for under this act that not just generate returns but also can offer tax benefits when the total taxable income is ....

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Tax Planning | February 06
Why ELSS is the best option for Tax Saving?

Income Tax has various seasons and as of now most of us would be scrambling just to get all Investment proofs in place so that we can make the most of the Section 80 C benefit. While there are a lot of options in front of you as an investor, read on to understand why ELSS is the best avenue where you could invest while saving on Income Tax:ReturnsEquity in India has proven to be an asset with the highest returns over years. While it shows shor....

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Mohit_Gang_0R5B6757.jpgMohit Gang
Tax Planning | June 12
Pre-planning Your Taxes for FY 2017-2018

With the beginning of the new financial year, the best financial decision you can take right now is to plan your taxes in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute to make tax-saving investments. Let’s say, you make an investment on 29th March in 2018 via cheque or online payment, but the payment fails due to some reason. You wouldn’t have enough time to rectify your mistake as the new financial year would have already begun and as a result, you....

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Mohit_Gang_0R5B6757.jpgMohit Gang
Tax Planning | March 03
5 Must do Things for Tax Planning

For most people, tax planning is a wakeup call given by the HR Department around this time of the year. Tax planning is more than just investing in a tax saving instrument. If done efficiently, it can reap long term financial benefits for you. Here are some useful tips to consider while planning your taxes.1. Start EarlyTax planning is a financial exercise which should be ideally undertaken in the first three months of the new financial y....

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