mutual fund snapshot

Analyse the reputation of the fund house which is offering the scheme Before investing in a mutual fundscheme it is important to scrutinize the Mutual Fund house. Utilise the Fund House snapshot tool and gather vital information about the mutual fund house’s rating, Assets Under Management (AUM), investment philosophy, historical performance of their other schemes and the qualifications of the management. Careful analysis of this data will give you a quick snapshot of the credibility, stability and long term dimension of the fund house and help you comfortably choose the right scheme with the dependable fund house.

* Returns as on (Date of NAV) 12-Dec-2017

Assets Under Management (Rs. Crs)
Asset Allocation (Rs.) Crores % Holding
Total Assets243758 100%
Scheme Details
Asset Allocation Open Ended Close Ended Total
 Equity 31 13 44
 Hybrid 9 6 15
 Debt 20 38 58
 Total 6057117
Numbers of Equity Schemes (Outperforming) Benchmark Index and Nifty
Period 3Mths 6Mths 9Mths 1 Yr 3 Yrs 5 Yrs
Total Equity Schemes 82 8180806960
Outperforming Nifty20 (24 %)21 (25 %)35 (43 %)9 (11 %)69 (100 %)56 (93 %)
Outperforming Benchmark38 (46 %)38 (46 %)35 (43 %)35 (43 %)62 (89 %)54 (90 %)
Top Performing Equity Funds*
Name of Plan NAV () AUM () Return (%) 6Mths Return (%) 1Yr Return (%) 3Yrs Return (%) 5Yrs
Aditya Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(G)-Direct Plan 44.70 1,548.98 15.86 48.55 25.28 NA
Aditya Birla SL Pure Value Fund(G)-Direct Plan 66.95 2,299.96 21.12 46.67 20.72 NA
Aditya Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct Plan 39.42 665.76 15.09 46.11 15.36 NA
Aditya Birla SL Banking & Financial Services Fund(G)-Direct Plan 28.55 1,530.07 9.55 44.48 21.12 NA
Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief '96(G)-Direct Plan 32.67 4,349.48 16.26 40.64 18.19 NA
Top Performing Debt Funds *
Name of Plan NAV () AUM () Return (%) 6Mths Return (%) 1Yr Return (%) 3Yrs Return (%) 5Yrs
Aditya Birla SL Corp Bond Fund(G)-Direct Plan 12.98 4,582.11 3.58 9.52 NA NA
Aditya Birla SL Medium Term Fund(G)-Direct Plan 22.26 11,748.58 3.26 7.95 9.91 NA
Aditya Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(G)-Direct Plan 427.03 10,238.78 3.47 7.55 8.63 NA
Aditya Birla SL Savings Fund(G)-Direct Plan 336.91 23,531.48 3.45 7.47 8.63 NA
Aditya Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(G)-Direct Plan 210.98 8,145.46 3.43 7.25 8.76 NA
Key People
Designation Name
Chief Executive OfficerMr. A Balasubramanian
Chief Operations OfficerMs. Keerti Gupta
Head-Compliance & Risk ManagementMs. Rama Vasantharajan
Head - Legal, Compliance and SecretarialMs. Hemanti Wadhwa
Co-Head - Retail SalesMr. Anil Shyam
Co-Head - Retail Sales and DistributionMr. Sidharth Damani
Head - Finance and AccountsMr. Parag Joglekar
Co-Chief Investment OfficerMr. Maneesh Dangi
Head - Mixed AssetsMr. Satyabrata Mohanty
Independent DirectorMr. Prafull Anubhai
Independent DirectorMr. Gurcharan Das
Independent DirectorDr. V.Arunachalam
Associate DirectorMr. Suresh Talwar
Associate DirectorMr. B.N.Puranmalka
Associate DirectorMr. Kumar Mangalam Birla
Associate DirectorMr. Ajay Srinivasan
Associate DirectorMr. Pankaj Razdan
Associate DirectorMr. Colm Joseph Freyne
Associate DirectorMr. Claude A. Accum
Associate DirectorMr. Sandeep Asthana
Independent DirectorMr. N.N.Jambusaria
Independent DirectorMr. S.S. Raman
Independent DirectorMr. N.C.Singhal
Independent DirectorMr. Bobby Parikh
Independent DirectorMr. R Vaidyanathan
Independent DirectorMr. Bharat Patel
Co-Chief Investment OfficerMr. Mahesh Patil
Sr. Fund ManagerMr. Ajay Garg
Fund ManagerMr. Vineet Maloo
Fund ManagerMr. Prasad Dhonde
Fund ManagerMs. Sunaina da Cunha
Fund ManagerMr. Kaustubh Gupta
Fund ManagerMr. Milind Bafna
Fund ManagerMr. Kunal Sangoi
Head MarketingMs. Molly Kapoor
Head - Institutional SalesMr. Bhavdeep Bhatt
Independent directorMs. Alka Marezban Bharucha
Fund ManagerMr. Chanchal Khandelwal
Fund ManagerMr. Dhaval Gala
Head - Business DevelopmentMr. Kishore Kumar Chamria
Senior Credit AnalystMr. Ashutosh Ojha

* Returns below 1 year for all equity-oriented schemes are absolute and for debt-oriented schemes it is annualized. Returns more than 1 year for all equity-oriented and debt-oriented schemes are on CAGR basis