no distributor fees

No Distributor fees More Money
  • Investment in Direct plans
  • No in-built commission, No trail fee, No distribution costs
  • Lesser expense ratios
  • Superior returns on investment

We eliminate the middleman to help you make more money. When you invest in a scheme through Moneyfront, you invest in Direct Plans with the Mutual Fund House which effectively means substantial saving on expenses that get paid out to mutual fund distributors as distribution costs, trail fees or commission, etc. This is one of the best benefits of investing in a direct plan vs. a regular plan of Mutual funds. Less expense ratio in Direct Plans yield to higher returns annually and the compounding effect of this savings will make a significant impact on your returns!

If that is not all, at Moneyfront we have gone all out to ensure that you make the most on your investment. Fund houses do not pay us any upfront or trail commission and that portion of commission gets added to your returns instead, reinforcing the fact that you get healthier returns as compared to your current distributors and/or banks.