Investor Education

NAV Demystified: What is NAV & How is it calculated

A short tutorial by Franklin Templeton Academy to understand all about the Mutual Fund NAV.

Confused about what is NAV in mutual fund? Watch the video to find out what is NAV and how it is calculated. Learn what does NAV of a mutual fund represents and three reasons why NAV calculation is important but shouldn't be used to compare different mutual funds.

Before you get down to NAV formula, let’s clearly understand the concept of NAV. What is NAV in mutual fund? Ughh, this is one term that has scared and confused people more than anything else when it comes to mutual funds! It’s a value, that’s pretty obvious, but value of what? What does it include? What does it show?

Watch this educational video to learn all about the NAV in Mutual Funds.

An investor education and awareness initiative by Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund.

Disclaimer: Mutual fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund | Feb 27, 2018