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Types of Equity Mutual Funds

This is part 1 of a 2 part series video. New to Investing? Learn all about Equity Mutual Funds here.

Equities is a subject that’s of great interest amongst investors the world over!Before we jump right into equity mutual funds, how about we spend a few minutes, understanding the words “Equity Stock” or “Equity Share” - collectively called ‘Equities.’ This word comes from the word “Equitable” or “Equally Divided”. An Equity stock is nothing but a “Share” of a company. The more shares investors own, the larger is their share of the profits or dividends declared by the company. So what is equity mutual fund? Basically equity funds are those that invest primarily in ‘equity shares or stocks, which are also collectively known as equities’. There are different types of equity mutual funds which are Large cap fund, Mid cap fund, Small cap fund, Diversified Equity Funds, Sectoral funds.

Watch this video to learn all about Equities.

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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund | Sep 07, 2018