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Fund Managers Speak with DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

Interview Series with Rohit Singhania, Fund Manager, DSP BlackRock Equity Opportunities Fund

Mr. Rohit Singhania serves as the Co-Head of Equities at DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. since May 18, 2018. 

He is the Fund Manager of DSPBR Equity Opportunities Fund. This Fund is a actively managed portfolio, constructed with a 2-3 year time horizon, having a combined approach of top down and bottom up.

The stock construct consists of 
- Buying Growth Companies at Reasonable Valuations. 
- Not having any biased approach to any particular style of investment
- Having tactical weight allocations across tops and sectors. 

Hear from Rohit Singhania about this fund and learn if its the right choice for your portfolio. 

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Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund | May 25, 2018