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Bandhan SWP - A Family Solutions Initiative

SBI Mutual Fund introduces "Bandhan SWP", family solutions initiative to make a difference for those who matter the most to us.

Bandhan SWP is a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) facility which allows you to withdraw a fixed amount regularly from your existing investments in eligible open-ended mutual fund schemes. You can directly credit the amount to the bank account of your spouse, parents, children or siblings. It allows you to provide financial support to your loved ones in an easy way. How Bandhan SWP works? 1. Choose from your existing or new investment under the growth option of eligible open-ended schemes 2. Initiate your Bandhan SWP facility by specifying beneficiary details, withdrawal amount, duration and other details 3. Submit beneficiary documents (like Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, Relationship Proof and Bank Account Proofs) 4. Inflows come to the beneficiary’s bank account on the respective date Advantages of Bandhan SWP 1. Regular cash flows 2. Tax efficient returns 3. Long-term wealth creation opportunity Visit the given link to start Bandhan SWP today -

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SBI Mutual Fund | Jul 09, 2018