9 benefits of investing in Direct Plans via MoneyFront

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When we are asked to pick between two options, swaying towards the side with more benefits is a common human tendency. Furthermore, when the choice is between money and more money the winning option is obvious. 

So, here’s listing down 9 benefits of investing via MoneyFront that will make us the obvious option. 

1. Earn more from investments

MoneyFront offers only direct plans, where no trail fee/commissions are charged. For example,if you invested Rs 10,000 monthly in Equity funds for 25 years assuming an average compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% you would earn 328 lakhs in 25 years in regular plans, whereas in direct plans you would earn 436 lakhs. A direct 108 lakhs difference in your returns.This difference is owing to the difference in expense ratios between regular and direct plans which varies from 0.7% to 1.25% in equity funds. To calculate the difference in earnings from direct v/s regular plans and work with your own return assumptions, you can use our saving meter tool

2. Save time and energy

All of us sometime, somewhere in our lives have suffered from the documentation related rigmarole. The numerous trips to the photocopiers, countless forms to fill up, and sometimes you had to do the process all over again because you forget a specific document. At MoneyFront we have done away with this headache and gone 100% paperless. All you need to do is sit in your lounger, sip coffee, upload scanned copies of your documents, fill in a few details and voila! you are ready to invest.

3. Improve existing investments 

MoneyFront ensures that the benefits of direct plan of mutual funds is not limited to new investments. Investors who have already invested their hard-earned money in regular plans and are unknowingly paying commissions, can switch their portfolios to direct plans via MoneyFront in easy clicks. Please be rest assured, we will guide you through each step including information about exit & tax implications (if any) incurred from the switch. 

4. Selecting the right scheme made simple and reliable

Direct plan of Mutual Funds is perceived to be only for those who have in-depth knowledge of the mutual fund and stock market. However, MoneyFront simplifies the entire investment process by recommending model portfolios that helps you with correct asset allocation and right schemes based on your risk appetite and financial needs. 

5. Plan your child’s future

The price of professional education has increased by a whopping 96% from 2008 to 2014. In such times of rising responsibilities MoneyFront gives you a chance to plan for your child’s future methodically, well in advance. You can open a Minor account for your child and lay a strong foundation for his/her dreams. Plan early and allow ambitions to take flight at the formative stage.

6. Unite all family investments 

A family that invests together flourishes together. You can now consolidate every family member’s portfolio under one account using the “Family Accounts” option, rather than making separate logins for each member. This enables you to scrutinise all your family finances at one go, ensuring there are no hassles related to managing and maintaining all portfolios separately.

7. Track liquidity 

We know that you’d like to be in complete control of liquidity always. Hence, we’ve made this unique yet simple tool to give live update of what can be anticipated from your investments through the financial year! Keep a tab of liquidity with our Income Estimator.

8. Own & invest jointly

We understand mutual funds are long term investment tools and most of us want to hold investments jointly with our loved ones. That is why we have the provision of joint accounts, to safeguard you and your loved ones’ interests. Your dependants can access, manage and benefit from your prudent investments and be a co-partner in your journey of wealth creation.

9. Get more, pay minimal

Our monthly charges are lesser than a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks. One coffee a month is what it will cost you to get paperless investing, model portfolios, automated advice, customised reports, varied analytics, and comfort of anywhere-anytime investing!

Apart from the features listed, there are many more. Live saving meter is integrated in our platform that can be used to calculate savings earned via investing in direct plans as compared to regular plans. There are many other calculators incorporated to help you plan finances in a better way. Wide array of reports and analytics are available to guide every step of an investor. We are a SEBI registered investment advisor and to us, client’s interest comes above everything else!

Money saved is money earned. Get on board with Moneyfront, say bye to commissions and celebrate your financial independence.

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Pratik is an MBA from IBS business school – Mumbai, with dual specialization in Marketing and Finance. He is driven by passion for markets and loves to analyze client portfolios with a long-term approach. He believes in the principle of asset allocation and diversification to maximise client return following a risk-based approach. Managing risk comes naturally to him, owing to his prior work experience with worked for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.