mutual fund returns

What are mutual fund returns?

When you invest in a mutual fund, your rate of return on investment are a consequence of two sources. Firstly, the increase in the value of scheme shares and secondly, the distributions of the fund which include the dividend distributed by the companies in which are held in the scheme’s portfolio. A combined total of both these sources gives your total returns on investment from the scheme. The increase in value of shares over a period of time and the benefit of this appreciation can only be taken when you sell some units of the scheme in the market. While, fund distributions could be transferred to your account on an annual basis as dividend pay-out.

Analyzing the total returns will give you an idea of the potential performance and generally top mutual funds offer steady and best returns over a long period of time. However, good past performance does not guarantee superior returns in the future.

Top 10 Equity Mutual Funds
Scheme Name NAV 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Quant Small Cap Fund(G)-direct Plan1403.979.4288.3940.0323.21
Quant Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct Plan21.924.0920.5277.0238.9725.61
Sundaram LT Micro Cap Tax Adv Fund-Sr VI-(G)-Direct Plan15.321.759.8575.0824.30
Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series XVII-(G)-Direct Plan15.293.6912.3673.4226.150
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(G)-Direct Plan48.998.2516.4172.4525.9520.61
Sundaram LT Micro Cap Tax Adv Fund-Sr V-(G)-Direct Plan16.12.4710.0471.9124.610
Canara Rob Small Cap Fund(G)-Direct Plan24.345.9215.8571.7700
Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series XVI(G)-Direct Plan15.883.3112.3771.2926.20
Sundaram LT Micro Cap Tax Adv Fund-Sr IV-(G)-Direct Plan16.334.1511.3270.8824.170
Nippon India Small Cap Fund(G)-Direct Plan93.047.4412.3370.7132.1223.34
Top 10 Debt Mutual Funds
Top 10 Hybrid Mutual Funds
Scheme Name NAV 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Quant Multi Asset Fund(G)-Direct Plan80.584.911.0160.4330.6818.76
BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity & Debt Fund(G)-Direct Plan24.363.886.7547.8225.3518.27
ICICI Pru Equity & Debt Fund(G)-Direct Plan241.330.0516.9242.5621.616.28
Quant Absolute Fund(G)-Direct Plan2830.635.4539.9229.5220.44
ICICI Pru Multi-Asset Fund(G)-Direct Plan455.270.3815.8137.9519.8415.43
Mahindra Manulife Hybrid Equity Nivesh Yojana(G)-Direct Plan17.71-0.259.430.8100
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan(Adjusted)298.62-0.867.9128.7515.812.92
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan298.62-0.867.9128.7515.814.55
UTI Hybrid Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan261.86-2.627.2527.8316.0912.33
Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund(G)-Direct Plan44.540.298.1827.4121.5914.85
Top 10 Commodity Mutual Funds
Scheme Name NAV 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years